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Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method

Weight Loss My husband has lost 65 lbs., and I have lost almost 50 lbs. on Ideal Protein. A lot of people have asked me how we’ve stuck to this diet and have been so successful. I think for us, the diet is a bit too strict and (in my opinion) really could add some additional fats into the mix. So, we do some things that Ideal Protein frowns upon, but for us, these little things help us stay on the diet, and that is the most important factor in our success.

  1. Most important rule: Stay in ketosis no matter what, even if you end up eating more calories in a day—if I have stayed in ketosis, I consider that day a success. Not one bite of bread, pasta, rice, chocolate, etc. Not one bite!
  1. Do not eat out unless it is absolutely necessary.
  1. Eat all four cups of your vegetables every day. For me, I find it really helpful to get all or most of your vegetables at lunch with a salad and anything you eat at dinner will be a bonus. You need that fiber. Don’t forget dill pickles are considered a vegetable. If you get to dinner and find that you are behind on your vegetables, cook some vegetables that cook down like spinach. Remember it is four cups before cooked.
  1. Drink 68 oz. of water. Get a 34 oz. water bottle and try to drink all of it by lunch and then don’t allow yourself the restricted item until you have finished drinking your second bottle. By the way, tea totally counts as water, so if you don’t love drinking water, you could try unsweetened tea to help it go down a little easier.
  1. Take your supplements; I think they work. I have had times when I haven’t taken them, and I find that I am both hungrier and my weight loss seems slower.
  1. Get your olive oil. You need the good fat.
  1. Coffee and hot beverages: Diets can take away a lot of things, but they don’t mess with me and my coffee. I admit it. I use half and half, and I will not give that up. Coffee has saved me from falling off the wagon many times. It makes me feel fuller and if you use half and half in your coffee, it provides a few calories and some fat that can help you through the long afternoon.

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