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What micro-needling is really like…

My name is Sydnee. I am a 21-year-old who has suffered from bad acne, which in turn, has left me with an abundance of scarring and skin discoloration. I have struggled with my image because of the scarring. I feel as though I need to wear heavy foundation in order to be comfortable in leaving my house because of the scarring.

However, Dr. Claudia Legere introduced me to a new skin care line that is phenomenal, as well as micro-needling!

She explained that the pen-like instrument has tiny little needles that she will graze across my skin, after being numbed of course. These needles are able to create a ‘micro injury’ that your skin reacts to by stimulating collagen production. This stimulation is the skin’s natural healing process and creates cell regeneration which can break down acne scars as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

At first the thought of having a cluster of needles drawn across my face seemed to be a terrible idea, but Dr. Legere assured me that it was nothing like it sounded.

Finally, after countless mornings looking in the mirror and hating my skin, I decided enough was enough. Hesitations aside, I scheduled a micro-needling session. The micro-needling was nothing like I expected and I had to laugh at myself afterwards thinking how much I had stressed worrying about pain, because there was almost no discomfort.

I will warn you that I personally would not do micro-needling two hours before date night; this is because in places where there is less thickness (such as your forehead) there can be some bleeding. The bleeding is tiny little dots, but nothing to be alarmed of. Once again, there was very little discomfort whatsoever.

After a couple hours, my skin already began to look glowing but there was still some redness. I did not want to put makeup on until the following morning. The next day and the days to follow, my skin was not only glowing, but I could tell a significant difference in the acne scars. They were smaller, lighter, almost like day by day they were breaking down as my cells were rapidly regenerating. To my complete surprise, after just one session of micro-needling, some of my scars WERE GONE. I beyond shocked at the results.

I have done another session and will be continuing the sessions with Dr. Legere as my skin fully transforms into skin I am proud of. I have begun my journey to the skin I have always wanted, because I have taken the first step with these micro-needling sessions, all thanks to the one and only Dr. Legere.


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