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At Door to Door MedSpa, we have a proud reputation for meeting the needs of our patients in our discreet and comfortable office setting. We know that our clients in Austin, Texas and the neighboring communities lead busy lives, so we make seeing us easy. The pictures on this page are real Door to Door MedSpa patients who have undergone SkinPen/microneedling procedures. We want you to see actual patients and actual results. We haven’t retouched any of these pictures because we want you to see a true example of what a Med Spa treatment can do for you.

Dr. Claudia Legere leads Door to Door MedSpa. She has spent her career working in the area of aesthetic MedSpa treatments, and with her wealth of experience, she provides her patients with the best care available. She enjoys a reputation for having the highest personal standards when it comes to patient support and care.

SkinPen/microneedling is a treatment that is used when skin needs to be rejuvenated. It is a great treatment for overall tone, texture, pore size, stretch marks, etc. with comparable results to more aggressive laser treatments. It can bring about a younger looking appearance as well as lessen acne, fade pigmentation spots, and bring a smoother texture to your skin. It is also a great option if you want to reduce the appearance of acne scars.


Post-Microneedling – you can return to work right away!